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benchmark with international standards: assess your k+12 curriculum using apsa’s standards‑based assessment

The Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 stating that “the State shall create a functional basic education system that will develop productive and responsible citizens equipped with the essential competencies, skills and values for both life-long learning and employment” strenghtens the Department of Education’s serious resolve to improve the quality of basic education in our country.

The Asian Psychological Services and Assessment, a leading organization in test development in the country is one with DepEd’s mission in giving students equal opportunity to receive quality education that is at par with international standards and in providing students better career opportunities and preparation for college education in a globally competitive world.

In 2003, APSA introduced the latest approach in evaluating student achievement, the Standards-Based Assessment. APSA’s Standards-Based Assessment addresses the needs of schools for quality assessment that will identify what students should know or what students should be able to do at a certain grade level in various subject areas. Many schools have adopted to the standards-based assessment and have shown that indeed, the standards-based approach has given them the opportunities to raise the quality of their education.

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More teachers become Global Mathematics certified

APSA is passionately continuing to fulfill its solid mission of delivering quality assessment and competence- development programs for its stakeholders. APSA strongly encourages its members to take the Global Mathematics Certification for their teachers to be certified proficient in Mathematics.

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Be a member of the Principals’ Guild: Join the Principals’ Institute

As a commitment to education, APSA continues to deliver quality assessment and competence development programs for the academe with the launching of the Principals’ Institute in 2009.

In partnership with De La Salle University- College of Education, and California State University, the Principals’ Institute is a 2-year educational program consisting of 3 phases designed to help principals or senior teachers who have the potential for leadership and higher responsibility enrich their leadership and management skills, improve instruction through effective supervision, foster curriculum collaboration among faculty, and utilize time and resources effectively to maximize student achievement.
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Principals Convene in light of DepEd’s K+12 Program

More than 100 school principals and school heads from private schools nationwide convened last June 27-28, 2013 at the Bayleaf Hotel, Intramuros, Manila during the Annual Convention of the Principals Circle of the Philippines.

In partnership with the Asian Psychological Services and Assessment (APSA), the Principals Circle convention focused on the directions and progress of the K+12 program with its implications on career mapping of students and on assessing student achievement; selecting the right people and strengthening teachers’ competencies; sustaining educational institution’s financial capability; effective school management; and addressing legal and ethical issues and challenges in education specifically bullying.

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